WHY PUBLISH OUR GAMES? is a recent start-up and yet the games already benefit from millions of visitors every month. You too can offer our fantastic games entirely free of charge on your web page using our embedded code. Some of the companies and persons who are already offering our games have provided us with statistics. Based on these figures, we know that the number of visitors to your web page will increase significantly once you begin offering our games. The web pages containing our games also enjoy many repeat visitors, precisely because we only offer straightforward, popular, and often addictive games that players want to continue to play. The players will also spend more time on your website and the games are shared more frequently via social media.

The following is an overview of what to expect once you publish our games:

30% of the visitors will share the link to your page containing our games via social media. This results in a chain reaction, as it will in turn bring in more visitors.

85% of the visitors return within a certain time to play our games on your website again.

15 minutes is the average time spent by visitors on a page containing a game of


As you will notice, this is very easy. What you have to do is click on one of the games and then scroll down. There, you will see two boxes containing a short code. The first code can be copied directly. You can then modify the dimensions of the game yourself (800px x 600px by default) and select the language in which you want to offer the game (see the next chapter). Paste the copied code there where you want to have the game shown. It will then be immediately visible to your web page’s visitors.

The code in the second box can also be used and is a direct link. You can use this link e.g. when you want to show our games full-screen on your website. The only thing you have to do in that case is to create a hyperlink.

You can obviously publish as many games as you want, entirely free of charge.


In the default code, you can see the following snippet behind index.html: “?lang=en” (without quotes). “en” stands for English. You can change this “en” in the language in which you want to show the game. In that case, we always maintain the national top-level domains of the country, e.g. France is fr and the Netherlands is nl. The following list contains the most prevalent codes:

German: “?lang=de”

French: “?lang=fr”

English: “?lang=en”

Dutch: “?lang=nl”

Check whether your language is available. If you enter something else than “en” (English) and the game’s language remains nevertheless English, it means that the selected language is not yet available for the game you have chosen. You can always request the addition of this language.